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At CPB we aspire to work with organisations and systems that are driven by strong values, have a clear purpose and are committed to delivering real change and person centred improvements.

CPB is led by Conor Burke. With over 14 years’ experience as a senior NHS leader in a challenged health and care system, Conor knows how the NHS works at the “sharp end”. He understands the pressures and complexities. Constant demands to deliver with limited resources. Continuous organisational change. The desire to do the very best for your staff and make a difference for local people.


What We Do


Enabling Insights
for Action

It takes more than just knowledge of systems and issues to deliver transformation. Leading change is about aligning behaviours, actions and values. At CPB we work with individuals, teams and whole systems in both public and private sectors to help them lead while demonstrating greater courage, clarity and conviction. Clients want success, and to increase their effectiveness, impact and self-awareness. Gaining insights about themselves, their challenges, and their choices enables them to identify and take effective action – addressing performance issues, making difficult decisions and generating new opportunities.

Developing Systems and
Integrating Services

Funding pressures, combined with rising demand, have put health and care organisations under enormous strain. Doing the same things in the same old ways is no longer the answer. CPB works with our clients to break down barriers between services and to enable integration with an emphasis on places, populations and systems. Our support ranges from shaping strategy, reviewing management structures and creating effective governance arrangements to chairing transformation boards and facilitating service co-design.

Delivering Frontline

The need to maintain focus and grip on delivery and performance is more important than ever, whether that is around A&E, RTT or improving clinical and financial productivity. CPB has strong experience of facilitating improvement in these areas and works with client teams to manage implementation planning and delivery across systems in primary, community and acute hospital care settings. This includes establishing PMOs, implementing reporting systems and improving the effectiveness of delivery arrangements.

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