About Us

We are different, combining our extensive healthcare delivery, strategic consulting, marketing, coaching and business development capabilities and experience to help you deliver consistent results and growth.


We have developed and implemented solutions to help many healthcare businesses to establish the right foundations and grow.

In every engagement we undertake we make sure we fully understand our clients’ needs and goals, and align these with what we know works when engaging health and care markets.

We will identify the health and care payors, providers and systems with a requirement for your product or service, prioritise them according to the strength of their needs, and then develop the evidence you will need to demonstrate your suitability and credibility as a partner. 

Having agreed a compelling proposition and how to best position your offer we will work with you to promote your proposition. We will help you to find clarity, communicate value and equip you with systems and capabilities that take you to the next level.

We don’t charge by the hour or spend valuable time writing detailed reports. We find our clients are more successful when we work as a key part of their team providing a tailored and flexible service to deliver your goals and ensure your success.

In this way we can adjust as we go and ensure we deliver a measurable return on your investment, adding real value and getting the right stuff done.

Our strategic partners

CPB’s mission is to transform the delivery of health and care through partnerships. Adding value to our clients is very important to us and we partner with a select number of like-minded people and organisations who complement our capabilities.

We are always looking to work with people and organisations that may add further value to our offers. If you would like to know more about us or explore this further please do get in touch.