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Our Offers

We provide affordable subscription and bespoke strategic development and market access support that helps healthare organisations grow.

The Fast Track Programme

Our Fast Track programme gives early stage digital healthcare and health technology companies, or established organisations looking to pivot into a dynamic and challenging UK healthcare market, access to senior and highly experienced health care leaders, advisors and coaches at affordable fixed costs.

We help you credibly connect with the market and grow your business rapidly and sustainably.  But we fully recognise early stage companies or new market entrants have limitations to what they can initially invest. We have put together a set of affordable subscription options that help you fast track your development and access to the market but also gives you an opportunity to ‘try before you invest’’. 

There are three levels of subscription available to clients, each offering different levels of support and benefits and all provided at a 30% discounted rate. 

Designed for clients who are considering entering the market and need some initial but specialist and independent advice and promotion to test the market appetite and interest.

Created for clients who are already positioning in the market but now need focused strategic advice and expert coaching support to help them progress at pace

Most helpful for clients with 1 or 2 sales but are now finding it very challenging to grow further and need to really understand the market, focus and develop local insights and new capabilities to be successful.

  • 1. Dedicated senior relationship manager We will match you with a senior advisor who will spend a minimum of 1 hour with you and your team to comprehensively understand you ambitions, challenges and immediate objectives.
  • 2. Ask our healthcare experts Access to 2 of our experts who are best aligned to your immediate objectives for up to 1 hour. Covering a range of areas from Strategy and Product Development and Investment.
  • 3. Featured on our digital health podcast Your founder and product featured and showcased on one of our weekly “Spill the Beans” channel shows.
  • 4. Standard rate discount You will be entitled to a significant discount on our standard rates for any additional support you ask us to provide.
  • 5. Half-day strategy workshop Half-day online high-level review of your product/service offer.
  • 6. 1:1 Founder leadership coaching Action orientated coaching from a senior and experienced executive coach selected by you and aligned to the recommendations from your strategy workshop.
  • 7. Building social media foundations Establishing social media basics – access to our ‘how to guide get the most out of LinkedIn’ and practical and expert support to setup up your company profiles and get you started.
  • 8. Access to our “Meetup” webinars Live debate, networking and engagement with start-up founders, peers, investors and potential partners and customers.
  • 9. Tailored insights reports Quarterly market positioning reports aligned to your strategy workshop recommendations, including list of potential target customers and contacts.
  • 10. Creating promotional materials Development of 1 promotional product chose by you.




365 £ 255 / Month


650 £ 455 / Month
Our bespoke support and solutions drive results and growth

Unlike other consulting firms we live and breathe healthcare growth strategy.

As a result, we have developed deep expertise in exploring new business models, evaluating new technologies, entering new markets, and capitalising on new policies.

We help clients understand and respond to new policy initiatives such as population health, personalised care, value-based commissioning and to navigate the increasingly integrated care provider landscape, and enter new market segments.

Our clients tell us they like the transparency of fixed price, time-limited, focused interventions with clear outcomes.

To make it as easy as possible we have outlined our most popular bespoke support packages below which can be taken up individually or as a bundle. We offer 3 types of bespoke solutions.


A range of tailored training programmes that will keep you updated on the latest policy and market developments and giving you the capability to best position and grow.


Co-created with clients based on your specific needs with clear deliverables. We start fast, deliver against compressed timelines and respond to your changing needs as required. Our senior leaders remain fully involved throughout our projects engagements.


Subscription based support that enables you to execute your go to market plan into action and results through focused insights targeting, messaging and buyer engagement.

Bespoke Training and Coaching Programmes


8 hours per programme fully tailored to your needs, including all preparation and a 4 hour session for up to 8 people, delivered remotely or face to face by subject matter experts.

Some of our most popular programmes are:

>   Latest market developments, frontline changes and opportunities.

>   Understanding and navigating NHS contracting and procurement.

>   How to sell into NHS and private healthcare markets.

>   How to improve your bottom line.

>   Developing your economic value proposition.

>   Finding investors and securing investment.

A range of tailored training programmes that will keep you updated on the latest market trends.


Up to 8 hours per person per month, delivered remotely or face to face by qualified executive coaches of your choosing for a minimum of 3 months.

Supported by seasoned healthcare leaders helping you identify key challenges and create the motivation to take the right action.

A 1:1 pragmatic coaching programme

Advisory Projects and Market Development Support


Up to 5 days support over 1-2 weeks including a full documentation review, stakeholder interviews and creation of the final output.

Comprises of:

>   Validation of the problem definition and product solution.

>   Customer feedback and insights.

>   Market analysis including policy, competition, buyers.

>   Full SWOT analysis including Issues and recommendations

A short, high impact mini-consultancy project.


8-10 days support over 2-3 weeks including a bespoke workshop, data gathering, market research and analysis, engagement, prioritisation and development of a SMART action plan.

Comprises of:

>   Product/Service offer definition

>   Market segmentation and priority customer targeting

>   Defining your message through a clear value proposition, benefits articulation and market positioning

>   Co-development of a robust Go-To Market action plan

Rapid in-depth analysis and advice to support you position and act.


16 hours per document including relevant research and stakeholder interviews.

Examples include:

>   A simple pitch deck that can be used as a foundation for website development, publications and social marketing activities.

>   A concise capability profile summarising your proposition, services, team, experience and strengths and how this aligns to buyer needs.

>   A robust and credible short client case study setting out the challenge, your solution and the benefits delivered

>   A publication ready and authoritative white paper that informs readers about how your product or solves a challenging problem.

Creation of compelling content for use in promotional and sales activities.

Market Access and Engagement Services


16 hours per month of dedicated and specialist support comprising of:

>   Optimising your social media presence and relationships by building your network and connections and proactively posting relevant articles that align with your value proposition and strategic direction.

>   Building and managing your customer relationship management system so that it provides a 360-degree view of your market and is structured and designed to enable you to efficiently track engagement and the selling process.

>   Facilitation of introductions to key influencers and potential buyers.

A subscription service that maximises your opportunities through focused targeting, messaging and introductions.


A minimum of 24 hours per month of dedicated and specialist buyer insight and engagement support comprising of:

>   A fully customised monthly market insight report that provides in-depth coverage of your market sector/segment and updates on the key issues, developments, challenges and influencers as they relate to your targets.

>   A minimum of 2 hours access per month to our virtual advisory board comprised of experienced healthcare industry leaders and subject matter experts - with the agenda set by you.

>   Generation of an agreed minimum number of new leads and submitted sales proposals per month.

Providing you with a monthly bespoke market intelligence report, access to senior leaders and practical support to generate leads.


We have a range of business development and sales partnerships with suppliers including reselling channels, fixed fee incentives and equity based arrangements.

We are very happy to explore with you our different sales support options and how they would best align to your business needs and requirements.

Busines development support to help you grou and increasing revenue.